Where in the World Can Welsh Citizens Travel Now?

On the 4th of July, the UK government has lifted it’s ban on all international travel, with the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) publishing a list of 66 countries and territories (within which 33 are in Europe) exempted from the ‘all but essential’ international travel list. However, on the way back home, the Welsh government maintains a list of countries and territories from which anybody coming from has to observe a 14 days quarantine upon return into Wales. Only 59 countries and territories are (as for the 22th of July) exempted from such restrictions.

Additionally, many of those 59 destinations maintain compulsory quarantine measures for British citizens entering their territory. It is for example the case for countries as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan or South Korea, where Welsh citizens will be asked to observe a 14 days quarantine when entering the country.

Others have set up compulsory coronavirus test for foreign citizens willing to enter the country, such as Austria. You should always double-check on the FCO website before booking your ticket. To have an overview of the countries open to the Welsh travellers and those restricted, you can consult this handy interactive map developed by hello-safe.co.uk:

With the pandemics situation changing very fast in Europe and all over the world, now may be a better time to go, before the predicted second wave hits in Winter.

Governments have not excluded new quarantine measures should a second wave occur – so if you are planning a trip overseas, now may be just the time to go.