How to make your office feel less crowded as Wales returns to Work

Your employees are returning to work – and some businesses are expanding. If that’s your office, it’s positive because it indicates that your business is growing, and you need more people to do the work. The only problem is that if you have more employees, the office becomes more crowded. Moving around becomes difficult – and in the new age of social distancing, you can’t have a crowded workspace.  These tips will help make the office feel less crowded and allow employees to be more comfortable.

Rearrange furniture 

Consider removing furniture that you don’t need. Prioritise the office desks and the furniture in the reception area. The rest can go. You can also rearrange it so that the place looks more spacious. The office doesn’t need to look like a house. If it’s too small, you don’t need to keep everything inside.

Let go of desktop computers 

You also need to let go of your desktop computers. They’re too big and could take up a lot of space. Invest in laptops since they’re portable. You don’t need a desk designed for a desktop computer if everyone’s using laptops.

Go digital 

Paper files take up a huge portion of your office space. You have several cabinets containing documents, and some of them are files from years ago. They don’t have to be in the office. You can go digital and start throwing those papers away. When you have to retrieve information, it’s also easier if everything is on the cloud. If you worry about corrupted files or hacked computers, you can use backups. There can be layers of security to guarantee that the files will be available. Partner with a strong digital team by hiring more employees or outsourcing the service. You can provide a more efficient service if all transactions are available online.

Divide your employees 

You don’t need to have all your employees in the same office space. Some of your employees can move to a different office. It’s easier to manage them if there are fewer people in one room. Another option is to relocate to a bigger office. Think about how many more employees you need to hire soon. Find an office space that can accommodate everyone. Consider the best office space to rent in Manchester if you want everyone to feel comfortable at work. Inform your employees about this plan to give them ample time to pack their stuff and leave.

If you decide to relocate, you might have to spend more on monthly rental. However, if it means that everyone will have a more comfortable workspace, it’s worth the price. Besides, the comfort level could translate to better productivity. You want your employees to do more at work to increase potential profits for the business. Think of your plan to relocate as an investment. You spend money, but it will benefit the company in the long run.

Ask your employees first if they still feel comfortable with the work environment. If most of them no longer feel that way, it’s time to leave. Find a place where everyone can work peacefully and freely move around.