The Cardiff effect: a new community created in a flash!

A close-knit community has already formed at a new housing development on the edge of Cardiff, where the final homes have now been sold.

Happy residents on part of Bellway’s Highfields development in Old St Mellons have been introducing themselves to their neighbours and this has led to them setting up their own WhatsApp group and a flourishing ladies’ social group.

Local resident Daisy Cooke, who works as a lawyer for a law firm in Cardiff, said:

“Where I live is a little crescent, with a lot of people who’ve just moved in. I just made a point of knocking on doors and saying ‘hello’ to people.”

Fellow resident Michelle Baker said:

“A group of us had a night out at Christmas, and we’ve already arranged to go for dinner at a Turkish restaurant in a few weeks’ time. We’re aiming to get together every six to eight weeks.”

Billie Oaten, Sales Director for Bellway Wales added:

“It’s lovely to see Cardiff’s reputation as the UK’s most sociable city extending out from the heart of the city into new developments like ours!

“All of the homes at Highfields have now been snapped up and it looks like this new community is gelling really well.”
The Bellway development is a collection of new two, three, four and five-bedroom homes off Church Road, Old St Mellons, not far from Cardiff Gate Retail Park.

“I don’t know how we’ve got so close-knit so quickly,” said Michelle (38), a medical secretary and mum of two.

“Partly it’s the design of the estate. The crescent encourages people to talk to each other. Partly it’s because a lot of us are in our 30s, often with kids. And I think it’s fair to say we like living here.

“Whatever it is, having this network has been absolutely fantastic, because we are not only neighbours, but we are also good friends.”

Daisy (36), another mum who works for a law firm in Cardiff, said:

“I suppose the community side has been fast-tracked because it’s a quiet road, and it would be daft not to speak to neighbours.

“I grew up in the Roath Park area of Cardiff which had a strong community, and I wanted that feel on this new development.

“One of the good things about living here is that you’ll always find someone who will take in a parcel!”

The new homes at Highfields are now sold out, yet there is still a chance to secure a property with Bellway, which is building new homes in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Monmouthshire, and Gloucestershire.

More information on the homes available can be found at