An innovative intercity coach firm is inviting people to vote for new bus services from South Wales to anywhere in the country, deciding on departure point, pick up locations, final destination and even when the service will run.


Republic of Snap, a ‘coach-firm-that-is-not-a-coach-firm’, was founded in 2016 with the intention of providing convenient and reliable transport on journeys where services are lacking or currently too expensive.


Members of the public can have their say at and vote to kick-start new bus routes in their area at the times they want.


Most services that come from the Republic of Snap are long distance, with Bristol and Nottingham services to London now live. Now, people in South Wales are being invited to have their say. The more people that vote for a route, the more likely it is to be established and the cheaper tickets will become.


Republic of Snap Chief Executive, Thomas Ableman, said: “Snap allows everyone to have their voices heard to demand direct transport that works around them. If enough people feel the same way, we will establish a solution to meet this need.


“As we’re not a coach operator but instead work with great local coach companies, we never have empty buses which reduces our carbon footprint. We also have algorithms to determine how busy certain journeys will be and can adjust the ticket price accordingly so the customer always gets the best deal.”


Local bus company NAT Group is one of the operators lined up to operate any services that are generated through the Republic of Snap.


Managing Director of NAT Group, Adam Keen, said: “We’re always keen to serve the people of South Wales in any way we can. Republic of Snap provides an exciting new way in which we can create services that meet our local population’s needs. We’re here, ready and waiting to put on the services that local people want.”


Members of the public are encouraged to visit the website to cast their vote and share with friends and family to help make their route live.