Luxury Travel Bag designer launches new product range with support from Welsh Digital Marketing agency

Travelling will be a little more stylish from now on, as London luxury travel luggage brand Westbourne and Co is launching their new range which has been 2 years in the making.  Director Rafe Delaney explains:
“Our luxury travel bags have been ‘in creation’ for more than 2 years, so it is a real achievement to finally get our own designs to market.
“My brother Jake and I travel a lot and couldn’t find the perfect bag ourselves.  We therefore set out to create a high quality, durable and fashionable travel bag made from leather, that was practical, fashionable and attractive, without compromising on ethics during the design and manufacturing process. 
“Westbourne and Co is the result – and we have been personally involved at every stage, through design, manufacturing and rigorous testing, so it’s fair to say we are launching our luxury travel bag brand with a great deal of pride.  
The company website was built on the Shopify platform by Welsh digital marketing agency Need to See IT.  Rafe explained:
“We chose Lisa at Need to See IT after working with her on a number of other campaigns – she came to us through a recommendation from our branding Agency, Altadicta.  Distance does not matter for digital marketing, Need to See IT understood our needs and came up with the design we wanted, guiding us to a fast completion.  We are delighted with the result.” 
Lisa Baker, owner of Need to See IT added:
“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Rafe and Jake.  Their passion and belief in these fashionable travel bags shone through from the start and I have no doubt they will be a firm success going forwards.  I hope to work with them again in the future.”