Swans boss reveals he’ll support England in Wales vs England clash tomorrow


Graham Potter, head coach at Swansea City, has revealed he will be supporting England during this weekend’s Guinness Six Nations clash between Wales and England.

The Swans head coach said that despite his home being in Wales, his heart remains with England.

Speaking as part of a six-part video series from Principality Building Society, Potter described his living in Wales as “wonderful” but will be keeping one eye on England to ensure he’s ready for banter with his Welsh colleagues at Swansea after the game.

Principality’s video series, ‘Home from Home’, shares the stories of individuals from each of the nations who have made a home here in Wales.

Potter, who was born in Solihull and has lived in Yorkshire and the Midlands, as well as spending seven and a half years in Sweden as manager of Östersunds, has lived in Swansea since June 2018.

Commenting on his move to Swansea last year, Potter said:

“My career path provided me with an opportunity to relocate to this wonderful part of the world.  Like any move, there was a settling in period, but the people here have been really friendly, helpful and welcoming.

“Wales is an easy place to settle and feel comfortable.  I have some fond memories of holidaying here as a child.  We used to spend time as a family in Saundersfoot or Tenby, where my parents would often rent a caravan and my brother and I would play football, tennis and cricket on beautiful beaches.  Now, on international breaks, it’s nice to take my own family there.  We love the areas surrounding Swansea – the coast, the Gower – it’s just wonderful.”

When questioned on whether he would be supporting Wales or England in the upcoming Guinness Six Nations game, Potter said:

“I’ll probably support England, just because I can have some banter with the Welsh guys here and make it fun at work.”

Julie-Ann Haines, Principality’s chief customer officer, said:

“As huge rugby fans, it’s always such a delight to see the passion and excitement in homes across Wales during the internationals.  Wales vs England is one of the tournament’s biggest games – a great rivalry between two fantastic sides – and we can’t wait to see it played on home turf at Principality Stadium.”

Graham Potter and Swansea City have made a donation to Matthew’s House as part of the Home from Home series.  For more information, visit: matthewshouse.org.uk/

The full Home from Home series is available to watch on Principality Building Society’s social channels and website here: principality.co.uk/hometeam