In the USA, the fall season (Autumn) is a great time to enjoy the good outdoors and pumpkin spice lattes – unlike the UK, where pumpkins are mostly limited to Halloween.

For those in Wales looking to spruce up their home appeal, it’s a great time to set up fall-themed home decor to match the season – here’s ten decoration tips and DIY decor projects you can borrow from the USA to utilize this Autumn – making beautiful pumpkin decor anything but scary!

Wall Paint Palette

Reworking on your indoor paint is an easy way to decorate your home for the fall season. Opt for color palettes, such as orange, brown, and mild yellow to match the symbolic tones associated with fall. You can take this even further, and color blocks different sections of your wall with various dark and light hues to create an aesthetic and decorative feel instead of a bland and wholesome tone.

Cushion Covers

Your living room space is the most commonly visited place in your household. To better integrate the feeling of fall into your home, consider purchasing unique fall-oriented cushions and covers. Ideally, you can opt for cushion cases decorated with pumpkins, leaves, or an underlying message about fall. You can take a step further and create your customary pillow cover with a few paints and pastels.

Wall Decal Stickers

Decal stickers are an exciting and temporary way to decorate your living space without worrying about permanent damage. Furthermore, these stickers are easy on wall paint and can be removed without peeling off chunks of paint. A pack of fall decal stickers comes with an assortment of various decorations and patterns, such as red maple leaves, foliage, autumn leaves, and pumpkins. It is a perfect decoration to stick up on your walls to bring in the feeling of the fall season.

Indoor Fall Wreath

A fall wreath is a refreshing home decorative peace that can be hanged anywhere within your house and still look fantastic. If you want to welcome visitors with a warmly feeling of celebration towards the fall season, consider placing it by your outer front door. Fall wreaths are easily accessible and can be created with a few DIY ideas using faux flowers, glue, and twigs.

Maple Leaf Candle Holders

Another creative way to foster in the fall season into your abode is by using mason jars as a decorative piece. This DIY makes for a beautiful autumn surprise and ornamental feature within your interior space. All you need is a couple of maple leaves and glue them to the mason jar’s inner glass. You can use a ribbon or raffia fiber to complete the top opening of the jar. Finally, place your candle within the jar and experience the beautiful glow of orange and red hues within your room.

Pumpkin Fall Decor

What better way to welcome fall festivities than an ornamental pumpkin? From food to spices and decorations, pumpkins have long been a traditional item in the fall season’s commemorations. There are many ways you can utilize pumpkins as decorative pieces within your home, such as

  • Harvest/ flower vases
  • Porch and lawn ornamentals
  • Indoor candle holders
  • Dining table decorations
  • Wine holders
  • Decorations on your window boxes
  • Pumpkin themed string lights outdoor decor

Autumn Leaf String Lights

Bring in some color into your household with maple leaf themed string lights. These lights can be placed anywhere from your staircase railing to your outdoor porch. Furthermore, bright light passes through the leaves to create a pleasing glow. You can opt for ready-made artificial decor or create your own with a couple of leaves, hot glue, and string lights.

Twig Frames

Reinvigorate your pictures with a rustic and natural frame this fall season. With a few twigs, glue, glass, and rope or ribbon, you can create a perfect frame to display all your treasured memories and pictures with a fall theme.

Scented Candles

Among the many home decoration tips, scenting your home with fragrances related to fall is unique to invite the season into your dwelling. Consider fragrances such as pumpkin spice, cider, wood, and maple leaf scented candles. By introducing an aroma associated with the season, our brains automatically reference the scent with euphoric feelings of joy. This is due to the secretion of dopamine within our bodies.

Create a Fall Themed Dining Table

Set the mood of your dining table by creating a decorative focal point for all to cherish. Ideally, you’d want to focus on orange colors, and style your dining table accordingly. An excellent decorative idea to implement is to utilize orange napkins and pumpkin ornaments on your table. You can also accompany this with synthetic flowers, candles, and matching utensils to accentuate the theme.

In Summary

By borrowing some of these decorative tips from across the pond, you can create an inviting and cozy atmosphere this autumn.