We’ve spent months locked down in our homes…and now fed up Welsh families say they can’t wait to head off on holiday.

According to major new research from outdoor holiday specialist, Eurocamp, we’re desperate for a change of scene.

  • Almost two thirds (62%) of those questioned for the report said that knowing they had a holiday to look forward to was extremely important to them.
  • And nearly half (48%) said getting away was more important than ever before for their mental wellbeing.

For young people this was even higher – with 57% revealing they were feeling the need for a break to boost their mental health.

As a result, 43% of us can’t wait to book a trip, with 51% of jet-setting Brits under 25 saying it’s a priority for them.

Last week Eurocamp unveiled a host of last-minute deals – giving travellers up to an extra 30% off when they book a trip that starts within the next 7 days, taking savings in July and August up to 50%.

Over the last 4 days (17-20th July) they’ve seen visitors on the website jump by over 35% week-on-week and double digit % growth in online bookings.

But while our appetite for travel is returning, the way we take a break is undergoing some key changes.

An overwhelming 81% admit that getaways are going to be very different in the coronavirus age. And our holiday priorities have clearly changed.

We’re ditching hotels in favour of self-catering and camping accommodation. And with social distancing still on our minds, fresh air, peaceful destinations and access to the great outdoors are all jumping to the top of our holiday wish lists – ahead of traditional priorities like weather or nightlife.

Choosing our trips carefully is now a must with 48% of Welsh travellers admitting we’re worried about staying safe and adopting a more thorough approach to researching and planning breaks.

An overwhelming 88% of us here in Wales say having plenty of space is now an important consideration when booking a trip – up from 75% seen before Covid – while just 7% said good weather was a priority.

As a result, 65% don’t want to visit anywhere crowded (with 80% of over-55 Brits saying they’ll avoid busy spots), and 20% are making sure they book somewhere off the beaten track. So bustling nightlife and restaurants are taking a back seat – named as important by just 14% of Welsh respondents.

Most of us (60%) are keen to find self-contained accommodation, with a further 66% stating that maintaining social distancing is another important factor when it comes to choosing where to travel.

Our choice of destination is shifting too, as 33% say they are keener than ever to find new ways to travel – in place of flying.

Holidaying outside of Europe is out of the question for 35% of Welsh holidaymakers.

Speaking about the report, Eurocamp’s Marketing Director, Chris Hilton, said it was clear holidays are going to look very different this year.

“Our research shows that people are clearly looking forward to a break or change of scenery after months of being at home, and now that the summer holidays are here, families are making a decision to book and just go.

“We’re offering large discounts for people wanting to snap up a last-minute trip and we’ve already seen a strong response. But of course, with that desire to get away comes a sense of nervousness about how their trip will look and feel.

“Travellers are understandably keen to make sure that they enjoy a safe but relaxing time away and that means choosing forms of travel and destinations that offer plenty of scope for social distancing, as well as access to fresh air and the great outdoors.

“People opting for self-contained, self-catering options which we are very well placed to offer. “We’re already seeing people booking last-minute summer holidays, and ahead for 2021, so we know holidaymakers are keen to make sure they have a holiday to look forward to. It’s clear that cleanliness will be a top priority for holidaymakers, which is why we’ve put a range of new health and safety measures in place to ensure people can continue to enjoy our holidays with complete peace of mind.”