In recent years, social media business has been booming like never before. It has gone from being optional to being necessary. It has overthrown traditional marketing techniques and emerged as the rising star and the need of the hour. To expand your reach, you need to increase the visibility of your business, promote your products, create targeted ads, and drive sales. Welsh businesses may be wondering which social platforms or networks are the best to kick start their business initiatives.  Here’s a list of the best social networks where you can promote your business free of charge. 


Did you know 65% of people are interested in visual learning? The easiest way to reach your consumers or audience is through YouTube. YouTube is the holy grail of business professionals who wish to expand. You can easily hit over 1K likes if your content is crisp, out-of-the-box, and gets immense shares. People of all ages, communities, and nationalities love watching videos online

This is, of course, one of the biggest pros from a promotional point of view: YouTube is where your target audience is. A good YouTube strategy can aid you to reach more people. Before diving into this YouTube strategy, fix your goals. Your goals are to:

  • engage in creating brand awareness
  • drive traffic on your business website 
  • boost up your sales
  • the focus in replying to consumer queries

You can create product videos demonstrating what your product can do for your target audience. For example, a community creating casino-focused content has started living off YouTube. This might be unexpected, but that’s how innovative people are. 

Online Casino Marketing with YouTube

In recent times, YouTube has been majorly used by casinos and iGaming majors to promote their games and platforms. It also serves as a perfect place to publish reviews and game manuals. The content creators who are also gamblers post a tutorial kind of video on certain casino games. They also post casino games reviews. Some YouTubers take the game up another notch by doing Casino vlogging. This attracts gamblers to try both land-based and online-based casinos. Casino novices would always refer to such videos before trying their hand at different types of casino games. 

Most online Casino websites will offer you almost everything that land-based Las Vegas casinos have to provide, and they are just a click away. The online casino industry has earned the cutting edge with its innovative welcome bonuses, promotions, rewards, and stunning casino games. They keep coming up with new and unique ways in which they can create a spark that makes players want to stick around. With the YouTube casino business increasing at a rapid pace, the casino industry is bigger than ever. 

Leading Casino Slot games, such as 50 lions from Aristocrat, have built a solid social presence to acquire new customers and keep the existing ones interested. Along with YouTube, they are using Instagram and Facebook Live to share tips about the top features or to share winning strategies that will have you walking out of a casino game with bundles of cash.


Just imagine how wonderful it would be if your customers trust your brand. Well, trust doesn’t come easy. It comes with person-to-person interaction and useful feedback. There’s not a shred of doubt, that Facebook creates this opportunity. Facebook’s vast user base is the chief reason why it’s so popular.

Maybe you already know that your target audience is on Facebook, but you are brainstorming, “How exactly do I get the word out about my business page so that they notice it?” The simple answer is ‘Facebook Advertising’.

This pay-to-play platform also offers you a lucrative opportunity to provide your audience with incredible business-related content through your ads. Of course, you pay Facebook to fulfil your business goals. When someone clicks on your advertisement, they will be encouraged to begin Facebook messaging with your business page, and if they do so, your page can follow up with them in text messages from that point on. Now, you know why Facebook is number one on this list of the top 10 social networks for business.


Instagram is a safe haven for all business professionals. They can promote their products amidst a variety of audiences. It is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and 500 million daily active users use this platform.

If you’re doing a start-up business, then your business is on the latent stage of growth. In this stage, as expected, you’re sceptical about spending too much fortune on advertising. Well, then Instagram is your best friend. On Facebook, you have to pay for business campaigns to boost up the figures under that ‘Followers’ icon and increase the reach of your page. On Instagram, you can grow your followers organically. Organic advertisements and campaigns encompass you doing business without any advertising budget. This makes Instagram a great option.

Also, Instagram is as millennial as it gets. Don’t underestimate the online shoppers. The Instagram team knows that shoppers refer to social media platforms for feedback and more updates. So, they make the most of it. 


Most know that LinkedIn is a B2B platform. It’s a business-focused social networking site. It allows users to create a road map of their careers, outlining their educational qualifications, highlighting the positions they’ve held, and the people they’ve worked with. This site allows networking on an individual level.

LinkedIn is by far, most of the formal social network to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals. Although LinkedIn has been known as a B2B network, the platform is ripe for B2C brands hunting for better ways to connect with their target audiences. The network allows you to establish thought leadership, generate leads, publish attractive content about the products, improve brand reputation, and build myriad online communities.

LinkedIn offers B2C brands an alternative way to connect organically and educate users about their products. LinkedIn is a hub for influencers and decision-makers. So, if you can get your brand message across to them, you can get another sale. 

Parting Thought

So, that is the curated list of top-tier social networks that will boom your business beyond your wildest imagination. Are you ready to get customers flooding in and sales pitching through the best social media platforms for your business? Well then, get to work because this article has already provided you with just what you need.