Sadly day trips to Welsh casinos hasn’t been an option for Welsh residents in recent months – leading many to switch to online casinos instead.  However, you don’t need to be a casino visitor to enjoy online games – and you can often play without staking your own money.  A search for ‘best casino sites no wagering requirements’ is a great place to start.

How to find the best casino bonus offers

Many online casinos allow you to play on their platform with no deposit, many offer a generous sign-up bonus and some even allow you to cash out real money with no strings attached.

This means the casino is allowing you to play with their money – although this is normally only available if you are over 18 and are playing on their site for the first time.  This is not an issue, because there is no shortage of online casino sites who do this.

Placing a deposit

Some casinos will require you to place a small minimum deposit, before playing you’re your bonus, however, you usually have a right to withdraw your cash deposit or any remaining cash deposit and any cash winnings from this deposit at any time.  However, some offers don’t require you to make any deposit at all, and just allow you to play.

Playing with No Deposit Required

You will find many no deposit, no strings attached spins games that are available online. These free spins games can be great fun.

Likewise, there are free casino chips games available with a no prepayment required bonus.

What are the limits of free play regarding Casino Bonus Offers?

Some restrictions apply when taking advantage of online bonus offers:

  • You should never try to claim the same bonus more than once unless you want to get banned from the platform. Casinos have already seen every trick in the book, so play fair and enjoy the bonus, then either sign up properly to continue play or enjoy another bonus from a new platform
  • Sometimes, the games that you can play with the bonus may be limited.
  • Make sure you note the maximum and minimum allowable withdrawal or cash out limits and follow them to gain the maximum benefit from your game.
  • Observe the bet sizes allowed by the platform.

Cashing out your winnings

After you have completed your game, and used up your bonus you may choose to cash out your winnings – alternatively if you have enjoyed the platform (which is, after all the point of the free bonus), why not continue to play?

With 30.2m active accounts on the UK’s online gambling platforms, you’ll be in good company if you do.

Online gambling can be fun – so while you can play for free, why not take advantage of bonus offers, possibly win some money and find a game you really enjoy?