The UK’s most flexible car subscription model offers a trouble-free all-inclusive deal for motorists who want the convenience and reliability of a quality new car with the freedom to switch on demand while managing their costs and avoiding locking themselves into a long-term financial contract.

The service was due to launch as the UK went in to lockdown but this put a hold to the supply of vehicles. has now secured a range of models from top manufacturers and is initially opening its unique membership to anyone within seventy miles of its base in Caerphilly. So drivers from Camarthen in the west to Cheltenham in the north and Chippenham in the east and Bridgwater in the south can enjoy a trouble-free motoring experience.

Caasta chief executive Mike Minahan said: “Lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the UK. It has been a challenging and difficult time for families and communities and we fully support a careful and staged return to some degree of normality.

“We were ready to launch our subscribe and drive service when lockdown began. Now we are confident that with the right protocols and procedures in place we can open for business.

“Caasta was developed to meet the changing needs of today’s drivers to offer flexibility, certainty and a competitive alternative to long-term leasing deals and loans.

“We want to help drivers manage their cost of motoring with a trouble-free quality new car wrapped up in a single monthly payment and give them the reassurance that if their needs or circumstances change then their maximum commitment is just 89 days.

“In a time of uncertainty we believe this has even greater relevance for those in the market for a new car.” ‘subscribe and drive’ is the only car service that gives members genuine trouble-free motoring with fully-inclusive monthly pricing and an unprecedented level of personal service. The monthly subscription includes: fully comprehensive insurance, road tax, manufacturer’s recommended servicing, maintenance and repairs, breakdown (including @home) and accident cover, glass repair and replacement tyres (subject to fair wear and tear).

Caasta guarantees no car is over 12 months old or 12,000 miles and members can swap between models in the same group or level every three months at no additional cost and switch up or down between levels if their circumstances or needs change.

Anyone interested in becoming a Caasta member and enjoying trouble-free motoring can register quickly online at by providing relevant details and indicating which level membership and which model they are interested. They will then be contacted by a Caasta account manager who will take them through a short application process and confirm their eligibility right away and discuss their vehicle choice and delivery options.

Membership is an annual fee starting at £700 for compact models rising to £1200 for large family cars. This reduces in years two and three dropping to zero is year four and beyond.

New members will enjoy a choice of high spec vehicles from top manufacturers including BMW, Mini, Renault, Nissan and Peugeot and when they choose their vehicle it will be delivered direct to their door within seven days. The range includes electric and hybrid options and will be under constant review with additional choices coming online.

Members will have a dedicated personal account manager who will provide a friendly and consistent point of contact for all their needs.

Minahan said: “Many of today’s customers aren’t fixated on owning a car and they don’t relish the idea of locking themselves into a costly long-term financial package for three to five years. For them it is about being mobile and enjoying the carefree experience of driving a quality new vehicle which isn’t going to let them down and knowing exactly what it will cost them each month with no hidden surprises or costs. What’s more they can leave after their first three months’ subscription if their circumstances change or they want to take a payment break without penalty (14 days notice required).

“Increasingly subscription services are used by consumers to help manage costs and budget more effectively. It began with mobile phones, gym membership and services like Amazon Prime but the model works for virtually any consumer product or service. The high cost of modern vehicles has led to ever bigger car loans and leasing arrangements with long-term contracts and for many this is no longer attractive or sustainable.”

Research by the Leasing Broker Federation found that four out of ten drivers (39%) asked for short-term lease products and express their worry about the long-term financial liability of buying or leasing a new car. The same number (39%) would like a package that includes all the vehicles running and maintenance cost including fully comprehensive insurance