Transport from Wales has today reminded travellers that they should only use public transport for essential journeys during the pandemic, as the company have witnessed an increase in the number of people this week using rail services to travel to seaside towns to enjoy the nice weather, including Barry Island.

The increase in visitors is also leading to overcrowding and incidents at popular beaches, with a mass brawl taking place yesterday evening in the tiny village of Ogmore by Sea, with residents complaining they were unable to get into and out of their village, with crowds of young people revelling to what was rumoured to be a pre-arrange rave on the beach.  Lockdown rules currently state that nobody should travel more than five miles from their home, and while this is a guideline, many of these journeys are considerably longer.

The concern is that those congregating on busy beaches or attending mass gatherings (which are prohibited under lockdown rules anyway)  could infect keyworkers who have to use public transport to get to and from their place of work, putting them, their colleagues and those they come into contact with at risk.

A Transport for Wales spokesperson said today:

“Transport for Wales would like to urge people to use public transport for essential travel only and where there are no other travel alternatives.

“The advice from Welsh Government remains: stay local and only travel within 5 miles from home.

“This week we have seen an increase of people using rail services for coastal destinations around Wales.  We know that the good weather is tempting people to visit the beach but this is not essential travel.  It’s fundamental that we keep space on public transport for our key workers.

“Don’t travel unless your journey is essential and you have no other travel alternatives. Our top priority is the safety of our colleagues and customers and to ensure this we need people to follow our advice.”

 We have more information about current guidance on our website: If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.