A Welsh-based conference and events organisation, who create and manage global IT Security Seminars, have created a brand new service to help their customers stay on top of their industry challenges despite the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

Infoteam International usually host bespoke conferences for Executive Directors within the cyber security industry. However, with stringent travel restrictions in place, some of their key upcoming events have been forced to be postponed.

With so many organisations being forced to suddenly organise remote working for their employees, cyber security considerations have never been so important and so InfoTeam have launched a series of new webinar conferences – via www.SmartWebinars.co.uk – to host virtual events and bring key delegates together remotely.

Joan Tolentino, Managing Director of Infoteam International, understands the importance of keeping the industry connected at this critical time and explains the thinking behind the launch:

“We were devastated to have to postpone some of our upcoming events, taking place in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, as we know the importance they hold in the diaries of our delegates, but obviously the health and safety of them and the general public had to take precedence.
“With the rush to keep employees working and getting them online at home, the risk to corporations of a cyber-attack has arguably never been greater, and yet the challenges are changing almost weekly. There is so much work that goes on behind-the-scenes in terms of keeping infrastructure secure and suddenly you might be relying on new platforms and on non-IT savvy individuals to ensure they the latest appropriate security software installed.

“As such, we have launched Smart Webinars, offering our usual audience of C-Suite Executives the opportunity to network, share their challenges and listen to experts within their field, and we believe it will help keep our part of the world as secure as possible.”

Usually, InfoTeam events are deliberately targeted to be local to the region they’re held in to establish a feeling of community and the new Smart Webinars will follow a similar path. Events are being held throughout May, June and July and each will focus on a different region.

The events will focus on the cybersecurity risks of working remotely, ransomware attacks and incident responses and Joan says IT and IT Security leaders (CIOs and CISOs) are welcome to join their exclusive webinar.

“We wanted to keep the local focus that makes our events special. People in the same regions have similar challenges and learn a lot from each other. As such we’ve set up a number of events across northern Europe and more are being added all of the time.”

Starting with an event in the Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (Benelux) region on May 14th, more information on InfoTeam International’s new webinar services can be found at www.smartwebinars.co.uk