Following a request from Onnen ward, kind-hearted Swansea businessman and owner of Lakeside Security Group, Phil Lake, recently donated five TVs and 2 Android tablets for use by dementia patients at Cefn Coed Hospital in Swansea.

Mr. Lake is a generous supporter of Swansea charities and frequently donates to local causes, but rarely talks about it – often failing to tell even close family.  His daughter, Rhiannon Lake-Healey, only learned about his latest donation when she saw the post from nurse Deborah Morgan thanking him on Facebook.

Rhiannon said:

“My Dad is incredibly generous, and does all manner of charity work, such as sponsoring parties for child cancer patients, to responding to local causes, teams and appeals,  I think he feels fortunate that he is able to help.  It is just something he has always done, he certainly never brags about it.  Typically, I found out about this latest donation when I saw Deborah’s post – I’m so proud of him, and it’s great to be able to tell him that because he normally keeps this type of news to himself!”

Deborah Morgan, clinical lead nurse, Onnen Ward, explains:

“It’s difficult to isolate dementia patients with the current situation and to connect with their families. This has made our job more manageable.  We are so grateful for Mr. Lake’s donations – the tablets will be up and running tomorrow, and the tvs have made huge difference already.”

“We are forever grateful”.